About me

Premature ejaculation goes way back for me, to some of my earliest sexual experiences. I despaired for a long time that there was no hope of having a “normal,” satisfying, non-humiliating sexual experience. In fact, I even convinced myself for many years that I was a-sexual; that I didn’t really want to have sex. I convinced myself of this so I could feel better about avoiding sex. I avoided sex because I didn’t want to feel the embarrassment of having to explain or apologize for not having any control. Because I dreaded seeing a relationship that I’d worked for and really wanted end in disappointment. In many ways I actually did become a-sexual, because the fear and shame and embarrassment were strong enough to override my desires.

What I’ve found out is that I’m not a-sexual. I actually love sex. Best of all, I’ve found out that I can have really good sex. For a PE dude, finding that out is like lifting up the couch and finding a million dollar bill there.

I wish I’d had a coach or mentor in the early days. It would have made things so much easier. I probably could have had one if I’d looked around, or gone out of my comfort zone a little bit!

So now I wanna help other guys struggling with PE. Stats say that’s almost half of us. Why isn’t there anything good and useful out there on it then? Probably cause we don’t wanna talk about it. I never did. But who the fuck cares? Are we gonna let our fear hold us back forever?

Don’t go it alone anymore. Reach out and get support, wherever you can.

Another note: I’m not a counselor or therapist. I do personal coaching. That means we aren’t working on mental/emotional issues with therapy. Therapy can be awesome (I go). It can really plow some shortcuts through a lot of crap (if the therapist is good). Just know that’s not what we’re doing (though I’d recommend you find one of those too!).

I’m teaming up with you to figure out tools that will work to get you to the point where you want to be. Having awesome sex, and being super confident about it.

Contact me now to get started!