How it works

We’ll setup an initial Skype or phone chat to start. At first we’ll talk about where you’re at with PE and where you want to go. We’ll set some goals, and setup up some practices that will start getting you there.

From there we’ll continue to meet once or twice a month on Skype or phone. During these meetings we’ll talk about how things are going and see if any tweaking and/or changes are wanted. I generally recommend twice a month to get started. Best to hit it hard in the beginning, and then taper off later.

Also, we’ll correspond via email as much as you want. It’s great to keep in touch on the fly. What’s the point in a coach that’s only there a couple hours a month!?

Everything we talk about stays 100% confidential.

Payment works like a membership at the gym. It’s $89 or $129 per month, depending on if we’re meeting once or twice. All email communication is included, either way.

To take any risk away: try it out for a month and if you don’t feel it’s for you, I’ll refund your money, no problem, no questions asked.

Go ahead and Contact Me Now to get started!